There are some arguments that keep popping up about Nicalis’ inappropriate additions to 1001 Spikes. We’re sick of it, so we’re going to take a moment to address them. Racist stereotypes and slurs are discussed under the cut.

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Samu Wosada (@wo60000), the CREATOR of 1001 Spikes, posted this on twitter when asked about it 

"The Sugimoto of 1001 Spikes is younger than in ToD and hasn’t yet set out into the world. So his English still isn’t very good. That was my intent and what I requested. I’m the same as Sugimoto—my English isn’t very good either. ;-) Thanks.”

This means not only was the creator aware of it, he specifically requested it to be implemented into his game

You can see for yourself


We’re sick of it, so we’re going to take a moment to address them

People who are affected by this kind of stereotyping have spoken up to say that this joke makes them uncomfortable

imageYes look at all the people just in an uproar, getting their torches and pitchforksimageEveryone is riotingimageEven googling “1001 Spikes Controversy” Will generate only 2 results, both from the same person. And do you know what they contain?

The tweets that I mentioned image

so, Japanese guy tells white guy ‘please add this engrish line to my game’ and the white guy does it but it’s still racist because it was the white guy who did it.

"We’re talking about a xenophobic stereotype based on the way liquid consonants are used in different languages. It’s an exaggeration that’s been used to mock and other certain demographics since the 19th century, and you’re saying it’s not racist because it’s “just reality”."

The Japanese dev asked them to add it in. He sees it as a completely fine way of suggesting that a Japanese person doesn’t know how to speak English particularly well.

fucknovideogames is someone who uses disclaimers like ‘trigger warning: misogyny’ for articles about minor things like sexualized design thereby contributing to an online culture that turns PTSD into a joke, and yet the huge bigot here is the hispanic guy offending a white blogger by making a Japanese character say ‘herro’ because the Japanese creator of the game told him to do that.

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